Ode to the Warrior

My warrior, you inspire me to write.
How I love the way you see and embrace,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the marbles in place.

Let me compare you to a golden bay?
You are born wild, protective and dark.
Intense breeze warms the sand dune dancers of May,
And like springtime there is a mysterious spark.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love your collective words, mana and soul.
Thinking of your beating heart fills my days.
My love for you is the directive goal.

Now I must away with a lifelong heart,
Remember my strong words whilst we’re apart.

Published by Sina Iusitini

Important to me = family, adventure, music, freedom, nature and travel........ I spend my time paddle boarding, kayaking, do charity work and am always keen to learn new things with my family. I love working out and daydreaming. I spend most of my time feeling confused and trying to figure shit out. I’m introverted but most people think I’m the opposite. My ambitions are to be a calmer and free.......have endless adventures and interesting days. Most of all I love my family.

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