Hello and Greetings


Welcome my friends.  After a rather harrowing  period which saw a downward spiral of suicidal thoughts and self hate I am taking the positive steps to heal. For years I have been suppressing my shame, pain, violence, debauchery,  promiscuity, vices and my fucked up family.  The energy taken to suppress and play normal has had a huge effect on me and I want to be free from the past.  Now ready to release my sins and heal, I thought a fabulous healing process would to be to finally share my inner thoughts and experiences. Over the next one hundred days I will expell one demon at a time…… xoxo

The original mind control pioneers explain why you must protect your mind sovereignty now

You don’t believe everything you see or hear in the media, do you? Good, because if you believed it all you would most likely end up on psychiatric …

The original mind control pioneers explain why you must protect your mind sovereignty now

The ghosts of my past

I wander the earth, a restless soul,
Searching for a life I cannot control.
My heart aches for a place I’ve never been,
A home that exists only in my dreams.

I long for a world where my heart can rest,
Where love and peace are at their best.
But every step I take, every road I roam,
The comfort I seek seems so far from home.

The darkness creeps in, the night grows cold,
My spirit broken, my heart uncontrolled.
The ghosts of my past, they haunt me still,
A burden I carry, a weight I can’t kill.

I cry out for solace, for a glimmer of hope,
For a light to guide me up the treacherous slope.
But the silence is deafening, my voice falls on deaf ears,
I am alone in this journey, with nothing to ease my fears.

So I continue to wander, a lost and lonely soul,
Hoping one day to find a place to call my own.
Until then, I’ll keep searching for the peace I seek,
A life out of reach, a dream I can’t seem to meet.