Hello and Greetings


Welcome my friends.  After a rather harrowing  period which saw a downward spiral of suicidal thoughts and self hate I am taking the positive steps to heal. For years I have been suppressing my shame, pain, violence, debauchery,  promiscuity, vices and my fucked up family.  The energy taken to suppress and play normal has had a huge effect on me and I want to be free from the past.  Now ready to release my sins and heal, I thought a fabulous healing process would to be to finally share my inner thoughts and experiences. Over the next one hundred days I will expell one demon at a time…… xoxo


Chasten from my sweet forbidden fruit

I lust your gentle hands

To caress this wise old warrior

And be blessed by this man

Your heavenly soul brightens with each new dawn

Eyes smile divine passion and has me torn

idolatry as the stars and moon

Desires float like dainty snowflakes

Dancing on a summers day

Magical is our time together

Yet forbidden is our lust

An end to unrequited love

I broke free today

Lifted the heavy burden that power of lust bewitched

The hex spell rises off from my broad brown shoulders

Vanishing like the dusty dawn sunrise’s

As airy thundering silence pulse through my veins

The mind eased, no more wickedness or wild wishes

Goodbye to fancy fantasy fetiches