The ghosts of my past

I wander the earth, a restless soul,Searching for a life I cannot control.My heart aches for a place I’ve never been,A home that exists only in my dreams. I long for a world where my heart can rest,Where love and peace are at their best.But every step I take, every road I roam,The comfort IContinue reading “The ghosts of my past”

Living in a clowns world

A world once known, now strange and bizarre,Where everyone wants to be a reality star,A topsy-turvy land where morals die,Now what is right is wrong and truth is a lie. The impossible is possible, the unreal real,And the once forbidden is now no big deal.The sky is green and the grass is blue,I can’t guessContinue reading “Living in a clowns world”

The digital stage

A woman in this modern age,Navigating through the digital stage,Where Instagram and social media reign,Bringing both pleasure and pain. On one hand, it’s a platform to shine,To showcase beauty, talent and design,To connect with people far and wide,To express oneself with a sense of pride. But on the other hand, it’s a trap,A breeding groundContinue reading “The digital stage”

The despair of unrequited love

Her heart yearns for a love that’s true,But it’s not with the one she’s drawn to.She knows he’s not the one she needs,But her heart ignores the warning pleas. He’s all she dreams of in her mind,But in reality, he’s unkind.He only sees her as a passing fling,While she’s hoping for an everlasting thing. SheContinue reading “The despair of unrequited love”