Where is my sensibility?

Sitting in my room, the energy is still with a touch of gloom. Pondering why my bedroom has just me in it with no husband or lover. My marriage has morphed into a passionless friendship. Therefore, I’m immersed with fantasises where someone will want me as their muse, their confidante and paramour. I offer aContinue reading “Where is my sensibility?”

Overcome the dissolution

Looking at my desires, unaware of its manifestations Reeping what is sown The heart set on the admirer What unfolds? Desires unfulfilled, pain and hurt consumes Clear the murky cobwebs Spring clean my soul, mind and heart Make way for the gift of abundance from universe Nourishment will hold

Ode to the Warrior

My warrior, you inspire me to write.How I love the way you see and embrace,Invading my mind day and through the night,Always dreaming about the marbles in place. Let me compare you to a golden bay?You are born wild, protective and dark.Intense breeze warms the sand dune dancers of May,And like springtime there is aContinue reading “Ode to the Warrior”