Chasten from my sweet forbidden fruit I lust your gentle hands To caress this wise old warrior And be blessed by this man Your heavenly soul brightens with each new dawn Eyes smile divine passion and has me torn idolatry as the stars and moon Desires float like dainty snowflakes Dancing on a summers dayContinue reading “forbidden”

Dancing with the darkness

Lost in the dark shadows I cannot see. Stumbling, trembling, the self preservation has extinguished. My soul was murder, my dignity robbed as the morning mist rose. Hades is whispering my name from below. Sentenced to public examination and humiliation my soul faced a brutal death. The intensity of living turned me into stone, IContinue reading “Dancing with the darkness”

When friendships go downhill.

Recently I killed off two friendships and for two very different reasons. We were tight as thieves, catching up every few days for coffee, drinks and a big gossip. At first it felt very sisterhood, supporting each other, laughing together and really bonding. There were endless nights of gin drinking, deep secret sharing and staggeredContinue reading “When friendships go downhill.”