Being A Mother

There lays a tiredness inside of me It aches and screams, yearns to be free Pulsating worries vibrates up through my weakening spine Knocking the depths of my crown and mind Eyes so swollen and dry they no longer cry The soul is shattered it cannot abide Daylight passes so quickly as I sleep andContinue reading “Being A Mother”

Beneath the heavens

Love froze in my heart by the dormant mother imposed. The body lies still beneath the cold Winter’s snows. Silence exposed, silence erodes, secrets whisper cry dark sorrows. So somber my soul, so empty my heart, watery orbs streams my harrows. Who lays at the grave, who avoids all fear. Underneath the cold baron earthContinue reading “Beneath the heavens”

A modern day exorcism

This year is about evicting demons  and other spiritual entities  from my life in this modern world. Slowly but surely banishing old bad habits, filthy arse friends, bad family and haunting dark memories is coming second nature. While some actions require soul searching, being honest with myself and many hours with my therapist, other actions toContinue reading “A modern day exorcism”