A new lease on life

For many women, midlife can be a time of reflection and self-discovery. As we enter our 40s and 50s, our bodies and hormones begin to change, and we may find ourselves re-evaluating our priorities and values. For some, this can lead to a powerful realisation about the importance of self-love and self-worth. As a womanContinue reading “A new lease on life”


Loneliness creeps in, a silent thiefStealing moments, causing griefA familiar ache in the chestReminding me, I am not at rest Memories haunt, like ghosts in the nightEchoes of laughter, now out of sightEmpty rooms, and silent hallsReflect the emptiness within my walls I try to fill the void with workDistracting myself, with endless clerical perkButContinue reading “Loneliness”

One sentence, one moment, one big unravelling

My Saturday day was rather average. It comprised of a day trip to visit family and walking the valleys while being reenergised from the fresh air and idyllic Welsh scenery. During drive to the country side I was messaging my lover to pass the time. I thought things between us was heating up and gettingContinue reading “One sentence, one moment, one big unravelling”

My bipolar episode

Murky thoughts swim against the tide Drowning in a dark whirlpool of ideas and illusions What is fantasy when reality is never clear Salty oceans sting the wounds of self destruction While the holy water purifiers my soul Moments of both tangled emotions purge extremes Confused what it all means The mist vaporous energy raisesContinue reading “My bipolar episode”