Beneath the heavens

Love froze in my heart by the dormant mother imposed.

The body lies still beneath the cold Winter’s snows.

Silence exposed, silence erodes, secrets whisper cry dark sorrows.

So somber my soul, so empty my heart, watery orbs streams my harrows.

Who lays at the grave, who avoids all fear.

Underneath the cold baron earth lies bear roads to despair.

Disowned and betrayed by the one the who bore,

The confusion consumes my thoughts so raw.

Above the blue heavens the heart beats tougher.

Beneath the true heavens I do suffer.


Lockdown got me feeling no feeling.

Numb, empty, unseen, unheard.

So lonely, so alone, so on my own.

Every day is a chore to pass the day.

Nobody got time to listen to what I say.

Lockdown has me feeling no feeling.

So lifeless, so still, so quite.

Lockdown got me numb and dark inside.

Even my feelings have runaway to hide.

The Dark Whispers

Abustle with dark whispers stirs beneath the mask and shell.

For murmurs of the shadow side sweeps the rushing crimson veins well.

Desires adrift endlessly between the essence of wicked thoughts and angels shining treasures.

Least not surrender to Hades hold of submerging tide and drowning pleasures.

Hear the Divine messenger who calls towards the heavens sanguine goddess above.

Her soft, sweet sound silences dark whispers with a breath of warmth and love.

At night

Every night I sleep alone and every day I live with an empty space in my heart. Emotionally I have been abandoned by my husband which is very confusing, vague and hard to understand. The emotional distance between us has increased to the point that our love is lacking an essential intimacy — the tenderness of words, actions and thoughts. This type of gentle intimacy I know is attainable but seems so distance and unreachable. I ache for a kiss, a hug and some caring words. At night I silently cry and slowly the tears stream down my cheek.

I lay myself bare to him

Sincerity is the stirring of my authenticity. I stand in front of him baring my soul and sincerity and be real as I can be. It is something, which is shaped by my feelings, not my mind. I stand there day after day hoping an opening will occur in his heart. It’s lonely when when he doesn’t acknowledge my presence or my smiles.