Poems by my son

The stars so bright in the gloomy night,
A forest so mysterious it will make you curious,
The full moon as bright as a northern light.

People went missing with no trace behind,
A monster the size of a house,
That no one could find,
A monster that could eat a giant mouse.

The poem of the man lost at sea

Lost at sea,
Miles away from land the next thing you know
your covered in sand,
A futuristic city in front of you eyes
A futuristic city full of lies,
100 Years past
As quick as a flash.

By son who is eight.

An Online Affair

The exoticism and naughty thoughts that trickle from my mind.

Tie me up and slap me if you can be so kind.

My voiceless lover and I explore the erotic forbidden.

Divulging our dark sensual desires laid so hidden.

Through words we found an intimate place for fantasy to be born.

Let’s pray there is no spouse around to read, judge and scorn.