The Seven Sins

The Seven Sins” discusses the creative as well as destructive potentials of each Sin as shown by your natal chart:
Envy – Finding an inner authenticity that provides deep self-esteem throughout life
Gluttony – Discovering a powerful inner aspiration that opens new dimensions of awareness
Wrath – Transforming rage and resentment into courage and self-affirmation
Pride – Experiencing love of the inner Self
Lust – Realising a profound inner experience of beauty and joy
Deceit – Developing the worldly wisdom that allows a grounded as well as ethical adaptation to life
Sloth – Transmuting apathy and depression into serenity and acceptance of life’s cyclical nature

Being A Mother

There lays a tiredness inside of me

It aches and screams, yearns to be free

Pulsating worries vibrates up through my weakening spine

Knocking the depths of my crown and mind

Eyes so swollen and dry they no longer cry

The soul is shattered it cannot abide

Daylight passes so quickly as I sleep and weap

Bones sore, body heavy it yearns for sleep

Each new dawn is the same endless routine

Shall I be so brave and runaway to Aberdeen

Short story

Once upon a time there was a boggy man. No one could see him but the people feared him. When they thought he was close by they would run and hide. They stayed locked in their houses , isolated from their communities and dressed in masks hoping he would disappear. They fear that he would come and make them cough which drove them so mad that they started to practice black magic. Paralysed with paranoia they injected poison into themselves, into their off spring and into their loved ones.

Hiding behind their four walls made them feel safer. No longer would families and friends gather for laughter or happiness. People felt alone and scared. Governments perpetuated more fear and insisted that everyone drink magic potions of poison every day. But, still everyone was afraid. The bogeyman never appear but their souls did disappear.

Everyone became soulless, free less and courage died alone with them.


The emerald green meadows covered in rainbow coloured flowers,

the sun light dances through the leaves and dances through the trees

the mountains in the background watches over me and the lakes water reflects

the sun light leaving me in the sunset alone with the wind,

the winds sings in the sky and now it says goodbye.

Poem written by my eight year old son.