Living in a clowns world

A world once known, now strange and bizarre,
Where everyone wants to be a reality star,
A topsy-turvy land where morals die,
Now what is right is wrong and truth is a lie.

The impossible is possible, the unreal real,
And the once forbidden is now no big deal.
The sky is green and the grass is blue,
I can’t guess your pro noun, I haven’t a clue.

No one recognises this world anymore,
And the things they see, they can’t ignore.
It’s a circus where logic has gone astray,
And men say they are women is the norm every day.

Life now resembles an amusement park
Where being a real male has lost its spark,
Choosing our identity once seemed like fiction,
Is now accepted as pure conviction.

So, logic and reason are out of place,
Truth and facts have lost their grace,
Reality is a tangled maze,
Mimes and harlequins rule this faze.

In this world of strangeness and buffoon jest,
What once was real is now a true test,
All this trickery is the magicians quest,
And the absurdity reigns at its best.

The digital stage

A woman in this modern age,
Navigating through the digital stage,
Where Instagram and social media reign,
Bringing both pleasure and pain.

On one hand, it’s a platform to shine,
To showcase beauty, talent and design,
To connect with people far and wide,
To express oneself with a sense of pride.

But on the other hand, it’s a trap,
A breeding ground for insecurities that sap,
Where the pressure to be perfect is high,
And comparison is the thief of joy.

For a woman, it’s a double-edged sword,
As her worth is often linked to her online score,
Her looks, her likes, her followers too,
Are all measured and scrutinized by the crew.

Yet in the midst of this digital noise,
A woman still holds onto her poise,
Her strength, her grace, her resilience,
As she fights against the societal insistence.

To be thin, to be flawless, to be ideal,
To conform to a standard that’s unreal,
But a woman knows her worth is not skin deep,
And she refuses to let these standards seep.

Into her mind, into her soul,
She stands tall, she takes control,
For she is more than just a pretty face,
And she knows she has a powerful place.

In this world of Instagram and social media,
A woman can be her own encyclopedia,
Of strength, of wisdom, of courage too,
And she inspires others to be true.

To themselves, to their own worth,
To reject the lies that the media births,
And embrace the beauty that lies within,
For that’s where true beauty begins.

So let us celebrate the women of today,
Who fight against the pressure to display,
A perfect life, a perfect face,
And instead embrace their own unique grace.