A new lease on life

For many women, midlife can be a time of reflection and self-discovery. As we enter our 40s and 50s, our bodies and hormones begin to change, and we may find ourselves re-evaluating our priorities and values. For some, this can lead to a powerful realisation about the importance of self-love and self-worth. As a womanContinue reading “A new lease on life”

The despair of unrequited love

Her heart yearns for a love that’s true,But it’s not with the one she’s drawn to.She knows he’s not the one she needs,But her heart ignores the warning pleas. He’s all she dreams of in her mind,But in reality, he’s unkind.He only sees her as a passing fling,While she’s hoping for an everlasting thing. SheContinue reading “The despair of unrequited love”


Rainbows in the sky,A sight to behold,A symbol of grace,A story untold. With colors so bright,And curves so divine,Rainbows represent,A feminine energy that’s fine. Like a ribbon in the wind,Dancing in the rain,Rainbows remind us,Of beauty that’s not in vain. With hues of red, orange, and yellow,Green, blue, and purple too,Rainbows remind us,Of the manyContinue reading “Rainbows”