The despair of unrequited love

Her heart yearns for a love that’s true,But it’s not with the one she’s drawn to.She knows he’s not the one she needs,But her heart ignores the warning pleas. He’s all she dreams of in her mind,But in reality, he’s unkind.He only sees her as a passing fling,While she’s hoping for an everlasting thing. SheContinue reading “The despair of unrequited love”

Why so cold my love?

A heart of ice, a heart of stoneA heart that’s cold, and all aloneA heart that’s hard, and never meltsA heart that’s sealed, and never felt Like Medusa’s heart, it’s cold as stoneAnd like Eurynomos, it’s all aloneLike the heart of Hades, it’s hard and darkLike the heart of Erebos, it’s sealed and stark NoContinue reading “Why so cold my love?”

An end to unrequited love

I broke free today Lifted the heavy burden that power of lust bewitched The hex spell rises off from my broad brown shoulders Vanishing like the dusty dawn sunrise’s As airy thundering silence pulse through my veins The mind eased, no more wickedness or wild wishes Goodbye to fancy fantasy fetiches