Living in a clowns world

A world once known, now strange and bizarre,Where everyone wants to be a reality star,A topsy-turvy land where morals die,Now what is right is wrong and truth is a lie. The impossible is possible, the unreal real,And the once forbidden is now no big deal.The sky is green and the grass is blue,I can’t guessContinue reading “Living in a clowns world”

An end to unrequited love

I broke free today Lifted the heavy burden that power of lust bewitched The hex spell rises off from my broad brown shoulders Vanishing like the dusty dawn sunrise’s As airy thundering silence pulse through my veins The mind eased, no more wickedness or wild wishes Goodbye to fancy fantasy fetiches

My bipolar episode

Murky thoughts swim against the tide Drowning in a dark whirlpool of ideas and illusions What is fantasy when reality is never clear Salty oceans sting the wounds of self destruction While the holy water purifiers my soul Moments of both tangled emotions purge extremes Confused what it all means The mist vaporous energy raisesContinue reading “My bipolar episode”