Loneliness creeps in, a silent thiefStealing moments, causing griefA familiar ache in the chestReminding me, I am not at rest Memories haunt, like ghosts in the nightEchoes of laughter, now out of sightEmpty rooms, and silent hallsReflect the emptiness within my walls I try to fill the void with workDistracting myself, with endless clerical perkButContinue reading “Loneliness”

Why so cold my love?

A heart of ice, a heart of stoneA heart that’s cold, and all aloneA heart that’s hard, and never meltsA heart that’s sealed, and never felt Like Medusa’s heart, it’s cold as stoneAnd like Eurynomos, it’s all aloneLike the heart of Hades, it’s hard and darkLike the heart of Erebos, it’s sealed and stark NoContinue reading “Why so cold my love?”