Our mask

We wear a mask to bury our shame,

And sometimes to appear the same.

Each morning we find our dress,

And that mask to cover our awful stress.

We walk amongst our friends and peers,

Dreading the mask won’t hide our fears.

We wear the mask to obscure that pain,

All this pretending is done in vain.

Who is brave enough to shine,

Shun the mask and be authentically fine.

Published by Sina Iusitini

Important to me = family, adventure, music, freedom, nature and travel........ I spend my time paddle boarding, kayaking, do charity work and am always keen to learn new things with my family. I love working out and daydreaming. I spend most of my time feeling confused and trying to figure shit out. I’m introverted but most people think I’m the opposite. My ambitions are to be a calmer and free.......have endless adventures and interesting days. Most of all I love my family.

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