Hexagram 61

Have recently began a journey into understanding I Ching. My reading today has the below advise, food for thought…….

Zhōng Fú: the ideogram and the story

What does it mean for your question?
This hexagram is complementary to hex.62.

Top 9: A drawn-out sound ascends to heaven. Determination pitfall.
Do not dissect truth too much in words or ideas. Before you realize it, you live up to great words instead of simple intuition, to beautiful ideas instead of simple experience. Give your emotions a fair chance to live life without giving it names.
(Changes to hex.60)

9 at 5: When one has truth, then one binds. Without fault.
Who is true can also recognize truth in others. He can make real and deep contact, and he can avoid all harmful and needless influences. The ability to find the right people and avoid the wrong ones is one of the greatest assets in life, surpassing the best education, the most abounding riches.
(Changes to hex.41)  Mirror

6 at 4: The moon is almost full. One of the horses pair gets lost. Without fault.
The individual and society will never agree completely. In order to stay oneself, one will have to make sacrifices. Set your preferences, you cannot have it all, so decide what is important and what is not. Wanting all that society offers means one loses a lot Self.
(Changes to hex.10)

6 at 3: Finding one’s equal counterpart. Some drum, some freeze, some weep, some sing. 
When circumstances are tense, one can see people’s truth. Keep your eyes open, next time you will know beforehand what you can expect of everyone. These are the real lessons about mankind, not only about others, but above all about yourself.
(Changes to hex.9)9 at 2: A crane calling on the shady Northern slope. Its young joins in singing. I have a good wine-cup, I will empty it together with you.
The roots of every interaction are deep inside. If your words and actions are a true mirror of what lives in your heart, they will be creative and able to stir up a reaction in others. The greatness of an artist is in the first place determined by his faithfulness to his truth, and only secondly by his talent.
(Changes to hex.42)  Mirror

Initial 9: The white tiger: auspicious. When there is a snake, there are no swallows.
To be true means to be who you are in the place where you are. Then one hears and sees the smallest signs, nothing will escape one’s attention, and one will know how to read them. Because you are one with them.
(Changes to hex.59)

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